För Sverige är ett OS i volleyboll långt bort. För colombianska proffset Ivonee Montano är det dock högst aktuellt. I början av januari spelar hon och Colombia ett direkt avgörande kval där en biljett till Tokyo i sommar ligger i potten.

Vi tog en liten pratstund med Ivonee inför helgens seriefinal mot Engelholm och stundande OS-kval.

How have the first months been here in Örebro?

The first month was very difficult, because I could not find my game, it is always difficult the first month in a different team because you are just adjusting to the changes.

How do you feel about your own performance as outside hitter?

As outside hitter I feel good, I feel that in the games I have been doing a good job. I always have to improve a lot, but I feel happy because about a year ago I could not jump due to my injury issues, and now I am here playing with one of the best teams in Sweden.

You are going back to Colombia next week to prepare for the Olympic qualification.

Tell us about your chances? Whom are your playing against?

The qualification to the Olympics will be from January 7 to 9, our expectations are very high, we have been working for many years, our process comes since we were each 16 years old (and some were even younger) so we are putting our entire heart to this Olympic dream. We will meet the teams of: Venezuela, Peru and Argentina.

Colombia, how is the situation back home? We here a lot on the news about strikes.

What are they tellling you back home?

The situation in Colombia has been a bit difficult, we Colombians are marching in the streets and demanding new changes from the government, we are demanding better education, better health, better salary, we just want the government to hear the voice of the people.  There have been peaceful marches as well as opportunists wanting to make the march a disaster, but we have faith that everything will be for the good of Colombia’s future.

Ivonne återvänder till Sverige och Örebro den 12 januari och kommer därmed missa de två första seriematcherna efter nyår. Men först ska hon förstås spela seriefinalen mot Engelholm på söndag 13.30 i Idrottshuset. Räkna med en högintressant match och att Ivonee är riktigt sugen på att vinna den matchen.

Örebro – Engelholm

Söndag 15/12 kl 13:30 i Idrottshuset

Matchvärd: ÖBO


Bild: Daniel Lubner