I onsdags gjorde hon debut i Örebrotröjan, vår senaste import, Kristen Besselsen, nyss fyllda 24. Kristen kom till Örebro i mitten av september men blev spelklar först i onsdags. En debut som gav mersmak, poängbäst och utsedd till matchens lirare. Det är coach Brendan som i Kristen hoppas hittat en högerspelare som kan hota i anfall och sätta ett starkt blockeringsspel på den i volleyboll så viktiga högerkanten.

Vi satte oss ner för en pratstund med Kristen för att höra lite om hennes intryck av Örebro och laget så här långt.

Kristen, why volleyball?

Volleyball has been in the center of my life for a long time now, it’s hard to remember a time without it. There’s something about the game that is different then other sports, something that makes you fall in love every time you step on the court. When my college career came to a close, I couldn’t picture my life without volleyball. Paired with my love of travel, this opportunity was the perfect combination.

Now you have been in Sweden around a month, what is your impression so far about the city?

So far, I am loving Örebro! The city is beautiful with so much history. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming, which has made moving an easy transition from my little college town in the States. Might need to invest in a few more warm clothes, but looking forward to experiencing winter in the city!

About the team and your new friends?

The team has been inviting since my arrival! I am so happy to be with a group of girls with the amount of drive and love for the game and club as these ladies have. They make living 4,000 miles away from home an easy transition and I’m very thankful to call them my teammates.

What do you think about the season?

We have a very talented group that works hard and challenges each other every practice. My #EliteVolleyFam has provided much support off the court and Brendan’s mental exercises assure we are ready in all aspects for competition. I haven’t seen all the teams in the league yet as a newcomer, but I’m confident we can compete at the highest level and be very successful!

Vi önskar Kristen och övriga laget lycka till inför en intensiv vecka. Tre matcher på åtta dagar som inleds mot Lund på söndagen och avslutas med toppmöte mot svenska mästarna Engelholm nästa söndag. Däremellan blir det en tuff bortamatch mot nykomlingen Linköping på torsdag.

Söndag 22 oktober 15:00

Örebro Volley – Lund VK