Vår Italienska spiker kom med mycket hjärta och passion till klubben för två år sedan, första säsongen var hon bara med på träningarna fram till juluppehållet men förra året var Lufo med hela säsongen. Nu har Lufo etablerat sig i Örebro och vi är glada över att Lufo vill fortsätta att satsa på sin volleyboll med oss.

This will be your second season as a player in Örebro Volley. What is it that attracts you to stay?
The past season has been super fun despite the consequences of the pandemic which affected the possibility to have an audience and also our performance. I like how every practice is a challenge and an opportunity to improve especially when surrounded by such a great group!
While this will be your second season as an official player, it is your third season with the team. For those who may not be aware, how did you first join Örebro Volley?
During the summer of 2019 I wrote an email from Rome to Svante asking him if I could join the practices. When I got there in August everyone was very welcoming and I got to practice with the team during the first 4 month of the season! That’s how it all started.
How was the first season as a player in the club?
My first season was really exciting, I couldn’t wait to actually play in a foreign championship and being able to compare with my past seasons in Italy.
What are you looking forward to the most for this upcoming season?
I’m looking forward to share everything with my teammates, the time practicing, the effort, hard times and good times and hopefully a more traditional season with an audience and more opportunities to spend time together outside the gym.
Aside from following Laura’s strict training regime, how have your summer been?
I had a really great summer in Italy, where I could finally meet my family and friends again after a long year where we all had to follow the restrictions. I could really enjoy the warm and sunny weather in preparation of the Swedish winter 😉
Bild: Daniel Lubner
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