Örebro Volley välkomnar Fiorella Murillo till klubben. Fio som hon kallas kommer från Colombia och spelade förra säsongen i Bratislava, Slovakien. Innan dess gick hon på Florida International University och spelade där på ett fulltidsstipendium.

Det blir hennes andra säsong i Europa och vi fick en liten pratstund med henne inför helgens träningsmatcher i Linköping.

As a player I have been challenged over and over again due to the different ways the coaches approach their technique. I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to play again in Europe. I have high hopes for Coach Jonas Svantesson to enhance my technique and help me grow as a player. I find myself to be someone who carries a little piece from everywhere I go and I can’t wait to see what Örebro Sweden brings me.

Intervju med Fio:

Hi Fiorella, welcome to Örebro and Sweden. Where have you played volleyball before Örebro?

Before arriving in the US, I played on the Colombian National Team [2014 and 2016]. After that I was recruited to play college volleyball where I ended up playing 5 years. My journey began in Miami dade college where I played for two years (2017-2018) and then I transferred to FIU where I ended up competing with them for 3 years (2019-2021). After that I decided to go Pro, where I was recruited by VKP Slovakia the past season 2022/23.

What’s your biggest skill in volleyball?

I would say my biggest strength is my hitting. I have a good vertical and since I am able to jump high, it allows me to hit over the defenders block.

What do you know about Sweden?

I don’t have that much information about what Sweden has to offer but if I were to pick something that comes to my head when I think of it would be IKEA. Also, I have noticed that is mostly covered by forests which I think that’s pretty awesome.

What’s your expectations of the volleyball in Sweden.

My expectations for volleyball in Sweden are to hopefully compete at a higher level. Every time I go to a different team I get to see how volleyball can be played at different levels and I am excited to see how it is here in Sweden.

What made you choose Örebro?

Crazy fact but one of the reasons why I decided to come to Örebro is because I figured out that one of my friends from back home played here in and she said great things.

What’s your goal with the season?

My goal this season would be to improve my receiving side because I sant to be better to pass.

What do you want to do with your volleyball in the future?

No matter how hard things can get as a volleyball player in the future I see myself somehow still playing or becoming coach. I have this passion that no matter what happens I always go back to it.

Bild: Klubben