Örebro Volley välkomnar passare Natalie Hayward till klubben och laget där hon går in som tänkt ersättare för vår mångårige passare Josephine Tegenfalk, som lade skorna på hyllan efter fjolårssäsongen. Natalie kommer närmast från en säsong i Puerto Rico och gör nu sin första säsong i Europa och Sverige.

I am very excited to come to Europe and experience a new level of professional volleyball. I believe that my time spent in college and professionally in Puerto Rico has prepared me to make this jump. Örebro is getting a player that is extremely driven, competitive, and will work diligently to improve her game. I look forward to meeting the staff and girls. And as I have already heard great things about the city, I am grateful to be joining the Swedish league.

Intervju med Natalie:

Hi Natalie, welcome to Örebro and Sweden. Where have you played volleyball before Örebro?

I played at two colleges in the United States, at DePaul University and The University of Tennessee. Before coming to Sweden I have played one professional season in Puerto Rico.

What’s your biggest skill in volleyball?

I think that one of my biggest skills is managing the game and running an offense, I feel as though I have the ability to stabilize the game at times.

What do you know about Sweden?

I don’t know much about Sweden but I am loving it so far.

What’s your expectations of the volleyball in Sweden.

My expectations this year are to improve as a player as much as possible and help this team reach their goals.

What made you choose Örebro?

I chose Örebro because of the level of development I would be able to receive and in taking with Svantesson I understand this team competes at a high level every year.

What do you want to do with your volleyball in the future?

In the future I would hope to continue playing volleyball at a high level as long as I can and then I would like to be a collegiate coach.

Bild: Klubben